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Can Dash Cams Impact Your Car Accident Claim?

Posted on May 20, 2021 in

After a car crash, many people wish they had video recordings that illustrate the events leading up to the collision so they could replay the moments and demonstrate the validity of their claims. Thus, small dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Many drivers believe that the cost of not having one is much greater than the cost of having one.

The media obtained from dash cams is often used as evidence in personal injury cases. Using a dash cam is legal in Arizona, but it must be correctly mounted and installed on the dashboard or windshield. Dash cams vary in their sophistication. Some merely record what happens in front of the car while it is in drive, whereas others provide video footage and audiotapes of what’s happening behind and inside the vehicle. 

Although these cameras can prove invaluable in cases where another driver negligently caused your accident, they will also hold evidence that shows your relation to the cause of the accident, if any. This can significantly impact your Arizona car accident claim. 

The Capabilities of a Dash Cam: Explained 

There is very little room to dispute timestamped dashcam footage of what happened in the moments before, during, or following a car accident. Dashcams can record important details about another vehicle, including the color, make, model, and license plate. When it comes to hit-and-run accidents, this information is worth a lot.

Dash cams can also record:

  • The direction of your travel 
  • Your control, speed, and actions while operating your vehicle 
  • The direction from which your vehicle was hit 
  • The location and time of your accident 
  • Activities occurring in the surrounding areas 
  • Traffic and weather conditions 
  • Stop signs and traffic light changes 
  • People’s faces 

Furthermore, a dashcam can display after-collision events, such as:

  • Another driver’s apology
  • Another driver’s hostility
  • Another driver’s intoxication 

If you install a dashboard camera, make sure you adhere to proper regulatory protocols, and always ensure that any technology or device you put in your vehicle will protect you and your passengers rather than serve as a distraction and potentially cause an accident.

Positive and Negative Effects of Dash Cams on Your Car Accident Claim 

When an accident occurs, it may be difficult to recall and describe the events that occurred accurately. Whether by shock or high adrenaline levels, other parties may also perceive the events differently. Moreover, police reports are sometimes inaccurate.

When you watch a dashcam recording, you might be able to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to recall at the time of the crash, such as another car swerving into your lane or speeding up to get through a yellow light. Besides proving that the other driver was at fault, this evidence demonstrates the precise manner in which they broke the law. 

Considering that most auto insurance claims go back and forth about who said what and who did what, dashcam footage can strengthen your claim and save you a ton of time. While dashcam footage may not be conclusive evidence of what took place, it can certainly support your version of events. If, however, you contributed to the accident and the dashcam recorded it, auto insurers may be able to obtain a court order to obtain the footage and turn fault on you. 

If your case happens to go to court, a jury will only consider your recording as persuasive if it appropriately depicts the events during the accident. You must maintain this before the judge will sanction its review. If a judge allows the jury to examine the recording, it could significantly affect the jury’s findings on fault and damages.

Arizona Car Accident Lawyers Can Help 

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