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Could New Technology Reduce the Number of Car Accidents in Arizona?

Posted on April 13, 2022 in

With the advancements in new technology, our lives are continuously improved with safety and efficiency. The automotive industry takes advantage of these advancements in order to keep drivers and passengers safe on the road by automating frequently used functions to be hands-free. Tools such as backup cameras, motion sensors, and parking automation make driving a safer and less stressful experience. Not every vehicle is equipped with such tools, however, so accidents are still commonplace. Not every driver practices safe driving habits on the road, so serious accidents and injuries can still impact you.

Even though new technology greatly decreases the number of car accidents in Arizona, not all cars are equipped with these state-of-the-art tools, and negligence is still the major factor that contributes to devastating car accidents. If you have been in a seriously harmful car accident due to another driver’s negligence, speak to a car accident specialist attorney at Jensen Phelan Law Firm for diligent, tenacious representation.

New Technology That Helps Reduce the Number of Car Accidents in Arizona

With automobiles advancing with new technology that aid drivers, a reduction in car accidents is likely for those traveling by motor vehicle. For instance, technology such as forward collision detection helps reduce or absorb the impact of a crash. This technology functions by using lasers, radar, and cameras to detect the impending collision, and the GPS can locate fixed objects on the road. The following are more examples of new technologies that can help reduce the number of accidents in Arizona:

  • Auto steering
  • Forward collision warning (FCW) system
  • Autonomous cruise control (ACC)
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Back-up camera
  • Blindspot warning system

With any type of new technology, there is always the possibility of a defect or malfunction. If the manufacturer delivers a faulty part or defective equipment, it can cause serious consequences on the road. In instances where this occurs, the manufacturer can be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or fatalities.

5 Types of Innovative Driving Technologies Used to Reduce Car Accidents in Arizona

To reduce the amount of preventable car accidents that occur because of human error, automotive companies are beginning to equip their vehicles with top-of-the-line technology in order to reduce mistakes that may lead to car accidents. These technologies have already helped reduce accidents all over the United States. According to a study conducted by J.D Power, blindspot alerts helped 49% of drivers avoid a crash, backup cameras helped 42% of drivers avoid a crash, and 35% of drivers avoided a crash with help from automatic braking. The following are six types of technologies that aid in reducing car accidents:

1. Automatic Emergency Braking Systems Help Reduce Car Accidents

Brake assistance technologies fall into two categories: Crash Imminent Braking and Dynamic Brake Support. Both of these technologies are used for reducing rear-end collisions, which account for 7% of fatalities.

Crash imminent braking is a detection system that stops or slows down the vehicle in order to avoid an impending crash, even if the driver has not taken any action. Dynamic Brake Support assists the driver when braking but will not have enough power to stop an impending crash.

2. Backup Cameras Help Reduce Car Accidents

Rearview video systems or backup cameras are designed to reduce crashes when the driver is backing up. This helps in accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists behind the car when the driver is attempting to leave a parking space or driveway. This feature turns on automatically when the car is in reverse and provides a visual of the space directly behind the car.

3. Blind Spot Detection Helps Reduce Car Accidents

Blindspot detection features help reduce accidents when drivers are changing lanes and do not notice vehicles in their blind spots. There are some detection features that allow drivers to have frequent updates regarding the status of their blind spots, and others will only initiate when a driver uses their turn signal.

4. Lane Departure Warnings Help Reduce Car Accidents

This technology uses cameras to gauge where a vehicle is inside lane markings in order to help them stay alert and will notify them when they begin to drift in a new lane without using a turn signal. This is useful in avoiding sideswipe accidents and keeping focused attention on the road. Some features of Lane Departure Warnings take control of the vehicle and steer the driver back into the lane.

5. Forward Collision Systems Help Reduce Car Accidents

Forward Collision Systems measures the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you in order to avoid collision. It also decreases the speed you’re traveling if it deems you are in danger of an accident with the car in front of you.

Speak With an Arizona Car Accident Attorney at Jensen Phelan Law Firm

Technology has aided in significantly reducing the number of accidents experienced by drivers on the road. However, not all cars possess the technology to help prevent collisions. Unfortunately, drivers can be careless and engage in negligent driving when sharing the road with others. If you have been terribly injured in a car accident due to another driver, speak with a car accident specialist lawyer at Jensen Phelan Law Firm for client-oriented and experienced representation. We are passionate about defending your legal rights and helping you obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

With over 50 years of legal expertise and experience, the Jensen Phelan Law Firm has been dedicated to helping car accident victims secure the compensation they deserve due to personal injuries and other losses. We work to provide high-quality representation and a 99% success rate so you may obtain the justice you deserve. Call us at (928) 778-2660 for a complimentary consultation or fill out our contact form.