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3 Reasons You Should Speak with a Lawyer after a Dog Attack

Posted on February 27, 2022 in

When people think of dog bites, they rarely think of severe injury and the need to pursue legal action. However, dog bites can be so severe that they require medication that can quickly become costly. Severe dog bites may not just require initial medical care, but they can also prevent someone from going to work and require extensive medical treatment including surgery and physical therapy.

These situations can often be legally and emotionally complex. In most dog bite cases, the dog owner and victim know each other, adding an added level of personal stress to an already stressful situation. Understandably it can be emotionally stressful to file a legal claim against a neighbor, friend, or even relative. Unfortunately, even if the victim has health insurance, the medical bills can cost thousands of dollars after a dog bite. In addition to the medical expenses, there is also the possibility of other damages (loss of wages or disability benefits). The very nature of dog bite incidents makes them a complicated matter that experienced attorneys best handle. A dog bite lawyer can help you navigate not just the legal proceedings of a dog bite claim, but they can advise you and allow you to focus on your recovery.

3 Reasons to Speak with a Lawyer after a Dog Bite Incident

After a dog bite incident, hiring a dog bite lawyer has many benefits, including preserving your relationship with the dog owner and counsel throughout a complex legal process. Contacting a lawyer does not mean you need to press criminal charges against the dog owner. Generally, victims of dog bites hire an attorney to help them negotiate with insurance companies. However, if there is a need to pursue further legal action, an experienced dog bite lawyer will have the necessary skills and resources to take your claim to court. Whether you settle with insurance companies or in court, speaking with an attorney after a dog bite incident is beneficial because:

1. They Protect Your Rights When Negotiating with Insurance Adjusters

When you hire an attorney, they can help ensure you don’t make any mistakes that may disqualify you from receiving compensation. They can also ensure that insurance adjusters compensate you for the full value of your claim.

2.  They Help You Obtain the Necessary Evidence for Your Claim

Proving your injuries are serious enough to warrant a large settlement can be challenging; It requires extensive documentation from medical professionals. To receive just compensation, you will also need to prove the dog owner’s liability; this can require an extensive investigation that an attorney will have the knowledge and resources to conduct.

3. They Have a Clear Understanding of Dog Bite Laws

A dog bite lawyer has the necessary knowledge of the law to establish liability, the extent of damages you are eligible for, and how to calculate an estimated value of your claim. Their knowledge helps protect your rights and helps them achieve the best possible outcome for your claim.

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