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$5 million Intentional Tort Judgment On a pro bono basis, Jensen Phelan Law Firm represented the Estate of a murder victim who sadly left two children behind. Her husband is currently facing criminal charges, alleging that he buried his wife alive. Read More
$1.5 million Automobile Crash Our client, Sherri A., was injured in a head-on collision on State Route 89. The adverse driver crossed into oncoming traffic when he fell asleep at the wheel. Sherri A. suffered severe lower leg injuries, requiring multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. Read More
$1 million Medical (Psychiatric) Malpractice In the early morning hours, a marine combat veteran murdered his wife and unborn child, leaving behind two minor daughters. Jensen Phelan Law Firm asserted medical (psychiatric) malpractice claims against the Veterans Administration. Read More
$750,000 Trucking Accident While traveling on I-10 near Tonopah, Arizona, our clients, Daniel and Stacy E., were rear ended by a tractor-trailer at over 70 MPH. Daniel suffered multiple fractures and Stacy also suffered an ankle fracture, along with a head injury. Read More
$670,000 Bicycle vs. Car Crash While road biking on Williamson Valley Road, our clients were struck from behind by a full-size pickup truck. The driver did not stop. Thankfully, the excellent investigative work of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office led to a suspect’s vehicle in the vicinity with damage consistent with the crash. Read More
$650,000 Trucking Accident While traveling on I-40 westbound near Williams, Arizona, our client, Brenda H., was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer. The collision caused Brenda H.’s vehicle to repeatedly spin, eventually landing in a ditch at the side of the interstate highway. Read More
$650,000 Personal Injury/Pedestrian Accident Sally Hargrove, then 74 years old, was crossing the street at Whipple and Division to go to the Prescott YMCA when she was struck by an SUV. The SUV, driven by Mrs. Orlando, collided into Mrs. Hargrove while making a left turn. Read More
$560,000 Elder Financial Abuse In December of 1996, Raymond Mendenhall, age 93 (who was potentially suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease) and his wife Deseret were invited to move in with his granddaughter and her husband (Cynthia and Kirk Munn) to receive care in their old age. Read More
$400,000 Assault and Battery Our clients, Calvin and Rex, were drinking with their neighbor when their dogs started to fight. After separating the dogs, the neighbor became upset when he was asked to leave. A physical confrontation ensued, and the neighbor eventually retrieved a shotgun from his vehicle. Read More
$275,000 Motorcycle Crash Our client, Brian, was riding his motorcycle on Cherry Road when another vehicle crossed the double yellow line, striking him head-on. Brian sustained a painful and debilitating kneecap fracture. Read More
$200,000 Slip and Fall Judgment While attending the holiday light show at Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona, Arizona, our client, Randy G. from Georgia, fell in a poorly lit area of the parking lot where roots had substantially disturbed the asphalt. Read More
$190,000 Pedestrian v. Car Crash Our client exited her vehicle at a local physician’s office to attend a medical appointment. An at-fault driver then proceeded to park in the space adjacent to our client’s vehicle, knocking her to the ground, causing a fractured collarbone and concussion. Read More
$80,000 Dog at Large Our client, Shirley G., was tending to her horse on her property in Williamson Valley when a neighborhood dog raced into the corral. The horse immediately got spooked and ran off, dragging our client several dozen feet. Read More
Confidential Personal Injury/Auto-Truck Accident Sandy Lutz was driving her SUV, with her three children as passengers, on a highway on a family trip across Eastern Arizona. Suddenly, an oncoming 18-wheel semi-truck jack-knifed across the road, coming toward her on both sides of the 2 lane highway at over 60 miles per hour. Read More
Confidential Wrongful Death On July 13, 2000, Steve Gambetta and his wife Debby were enjoying one of their favorite hobbies, riding their motorcycle. While stopping for a red light at the intersection of Highway 89 and Willow Creek near the airport in Prescott, Steve and Debby were struck from behind by a Sport Utility vehicle. Read More