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Personal Injury – Lutz – Prescott, AZ

Don’t Fight Alone

How a family in an Auto Accident found a voice and with it, results.

Case Background:

Sandy Lutz was driving her SUV, with her three children as passengers, on a highway on a family trip across Eastern Arizona. Suddenly, an oncoming 18-wheel semi-truck jack-knifed across the road, coming toward her on both sides of the 2 lane highway at over 60 miles per hour. Sandy partially evaded the semi-truck by emergency braking and steering to the right. The terrifying collision with the tractor-trailer that resulted caused significant injuries for Sandy, but luckily her children escaped without serious injury.

Sandy required different surgeries for her fractured wrist and forearm. Sandy had to undergo extensive physical therapy for many months to regain functional use of her hand/arm, which was permanently harmed. Between the large sum of medical bills and automotive damage, Sandy and her husband Dave were in immediate need of financial recovery. The trucking company, initially very friendly, was being very difficult for them to deal with when it came time to pay for the harm it had caused.

Moving Forward:

Soon after a free consultation with Chris Jensen, Dave and Sandy confirmed what Chris suggested: when the discussion turns to money, the trucking company and its insurer would be much harder to deal with, and no large sums would be paid unless the Lutz family had knowledgeable legal counsel. Soon after confirming that this was true, Sandy and Dave employed the Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. A liability, causation and damages investigation, evidence collection, evaluation, and analysis process were done by the Jensen team. Then, a settlement demand package was sent with all the required documentation, including medical records, bills, loss of earnings proof, physicians’ opinions as to future prognosis, medical expense, and impairment/disability evidence, etc.

The trucking company refused to accept financial responsibility for the crash. After no reasonable settlement could be reached, a lawsuit was filed. After a period of litigation, the exasperating lack of progress toward settlement by the trucking company’s insurance defense lawyers began to turn into a degree of cooperation, and a Mediation took place in Phoenix, at which an agreement was finally reached. Sandy and Dave found that their formerly “unreasonable” settlement position was now a recovery that exceeded their expectations.

To add to their recovery, Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. pursued a separate insurer for an additional recovery settlement. Over this time, Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. was able to turn a horrific accident into an exceptional recovery for the Lutz family.
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The Results:

While the likelihood of a significant recovery seemed dismal at first, Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. stepped in to push past the aggressive tactics of the insurance attorneys and made a recovery that was fair and just. Using the expertise gained from 39 years of auto collision recovery, we were able to pursue additional funds from a separate insurance company. While this case was about 2 years long and arduous, Chris Jensen and Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. gave Sandy and Dave the type of representation that created trust and a major reduction in anxiety. The trucking company’s insurer and defense attorneys received more high-level advocacy than they anticipated as well, and that meant financial results beyond the expectations of the Lutz family.

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