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Prescott Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Enduring a motor vehicle accident is often one of the most traumatic experiences any person can undergo. In addition to the fear associated with the accident itself, now you and your family have to figure out how you’ll restore your vehicle, get coverage for your injuries and how to file a motor vehicle accident lawsuit. At the Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C., our Prescott motor vehicle accident attorneys have decades of experience helping members of the community seek justice after getting injured in a car accident. We can help you and your family get things back to normal and seek compensation if you were the victim of another’s negligence. Call our auto accident lawyers today at (928) 778-2660 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Experienced Prescott Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

It’s shocking to see how quickly lives can change in a split second. Whether another driver was driving while texting, driving under the influence, or another form of recklessness, it only takes a second to prove how fragile our lives are. If you have been badly hurt in a motor vehicle crash, we know how hard it can be to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how difficult your current situation may be, remember what we have discovered time and time again: there is always hope, and we can help.

The following video explains some steps you should take after being in a motor vehicle accident.

Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have over 50 years of experience with the following types of cases:

Our firm has had a huge amount of success in motor vehicle accident cases and, because of this, we have developed a systematic approach when preparing these types of cases. Our principal lawyer, Chris Jensen, previously worked as a prosecutor for traffic violations and uses this experience to help us to prepare our case by considering every angle. Whenever appropriate, we will use a licensed private investigator to help us seek evidence in our cases. We will also emphasize client photos from the accident, full-color medical illustrations of your injuries, and written statements from all relevant witnesses or experts.

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In order to ensure that you and your family get the compensation and coverage you need, we will provide extensive litigation in order to seek both liability coverage and payments from insurance companies. We will help you when your insurance company is operating in bad faith and trying not to pay for your damages and medical care when they legally should. We will seek financial restitution in order to get you coverage for your vehicle, injuries, medical care, rehabilitation costs, and any interest involved with all of these costs.

We have a reliable and proven track record of winning motor vehicle accident cases. You can put your trust in our Prescott motor vehicle accident lawyers to get you the help you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free consultation. Please fill out our online contact form or call us at (928) 778-2660. We serve clients in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and all of Northern Arizona.