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Prescott Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

The hardships of being involved in a life-threatening accident are difficult enough. The bad faith of an insurance company makes life unnecessarily more difficult. For honest individuals simply looking for the means to recover from tragedy, insurance companies pose a seemingly impossible barrier. Seeking help from a Prescott bad faith insurance lawyer has proven to be the single most effective remedy for individuals wronged by their insurance companies.

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Insurance Dispute Legal Overview

  • What is known as insurance bad faith (or insurance fraud) is actually a tort claim that an individual with insurance may have against an insurance company.
  • Who is involved in an insurance bad faith claim is an insurance company and the insured party.
  • Why insurance fraud occurs is because insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure. This duty is often referred to as a covenant. When insurance bad faith has occurred it means that an insurance company has violated the legal covenant.
  • How a legal covenant can be violated is often quite complicated and can occur in many ways. In some instances, the improper investigation by an insurance company of damaged property can qualify as bad faith. Other violations can include improper valuations of damages, delay of payment for damages, denial of all valid damage claims, etc.

Let Our Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys Help

To navigate through the complicated world of insurance requires knowledge and insight. Without knowing the proper way to proceed, success can be limited or altogether unlikely. However, having the correct knowledge of the right path to file for an insurance bad faith lawsuit can make or break your recovery.

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