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Prescott Rear-End Accident Lawyers

When accidents occur,you often have no time to react. In rear-end collisions, drivers and passengers can sustain severe injuries or even death due to the sudden and surprising crash. There are an estimated 1.7 million rear-end crashes in the United States each year, resulting in 1,700 fatalities and 500,000 injured people within those collisions. Finding quality legal counsel after an accident helps you understand liability issues and the options you have to file a claim and recover compensation after a harmful accident. At Jensen Phelan Law Firm, our car accident specialist attorneys have helped many clients since 1974 receive the full and fair compensation owed to them from the negligent driver resulting in injuries, harms and damages. 

Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions in Prescott, AZ

Rear-end crashes occur when a vehicle traveling behind another car crashes directly into the trunk end of that car which can be moving or lawfully stopped. Suidden collisions like these are very dangerous, especially if the crashed car is stopped at a red light and directly impacted by the car behind. Depending on the speed, car size/weight, and other circumstances, the impact can produce harmful forces. A low-impact rear-end collision can result in severe injury for travelers within the car depending on the age, weight, body position and seat restraint system of the car. As often as rear-end collisions occur, many people wonder what causes these crashes. 

Common causes of rear-end collisions include

  • Distracted driving and delayed reactions (such as cell phone use, eating, drinking, and other distractions)
  • Aggressive driving 
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Traveling faster than the vehicle ahead and crashing into the car
  • The rear driver carelessly rolls forward causing a low-impact collision with the front car
  • Brake or car malfunctions
  • An at-fault driver travels at a faster speed and crashes into an idle or slowing front car
  • Other reasons and circumstances that cause a rear-end crash

In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most nationwide rear-end collisions (90%) occur due to distracted driving, and drivers ages 25 to 34 are 1.9 times more likely to be involved in these collisions. Driver negligence may be to blame for your accident and the resulting injuries and damages you have endured.  

Types of Injuries That May Be Sustained in a Car Accident in Arizona

The impact of a rear-end crash differs from other types of car collisions and can lead to specific injuries, serious damage, and other consequences for a driver and passengers within the car. Factors such as speed, vehicle size, whether a vehicle was idle or in motion, and other factors can determine the level of damage expected and sustained in a rear-end collision. 

Types of injuries sustained in a rear-end collision may include:

  • Whiplash 
  • Head, neck, and back injury 
  • Soft-tissue injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Muscle strain,sprain, pull, or tears 
  • Pain, stiffness, and limited mobility 
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Broken or fractured bones 

Your vehicle may sustain significant damage or little damage from a rear-end crash, but it does not indicate the severity of the injury you may have endured. Any car crash has the potential to seriously injure an individual regardless of the damage to a car. Our specialist Prescott rear-accident lawyer is available to evaluate your case and help you recover the compensation owed to you. 

Recovering Compensation After an Auto Accident in Arizona

If you have been involved in a rear-end accident in Arizona, you may be wondering what compensation you can retrieve for the injuries and different damages you have sustained. The negligent parties in Arizona are held responsible to cover the costs of expenses and damage they have caused an injured individual by causing a car collision. 

Types of compensation to recover after an accident might include:

  • Non-Economic Damages: Any pain and suffering, inconvenience, emotional distress, and other proven losses within non-economic damage. 
  • Economic Damages: Any lost wages, current or future medical expenses necessary as part of the accident’s injuries, the value of domestic services for the individual, and other damage within economic means. 
  • Loss of Consortium: In the event a loved one is killed in a fatal car accident, the family members can seek compensation for the loss of companionship, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment in life resulting from the individual’s death. 
  • Punitive Damages: An added form of compensation owed to an injured individual for punishment of the responsible party. This punishment damages may be warranted in specific cases where the adverse party did something with “an evil hand guided by an evil mind,” such as a drunk driver with a long history of drunk driving causing a fatal crash. A specialist attorney can help you determine if your case should be valued to include this form of recovery.. 

Negligence and liability must be proven by you for the party at fault to be held responsible. This willl be challenging and stressful while you are recovering from injuries, dealing with physical, emotional and financial hardships after a car collision, and navigating through the complex process of filing an insurance claim. An experienced car accident expert lawyer can evaluate your case and gather all the necessary information to prove negligence when a party other than you causes your car crash and damages. 

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Rear-end collisions occur for many reasons, with some being distracted driving, speeding, delayed reactions, and bad weather conditions. If a rear-end car collision caused you harm, the responsible party can be held liable for the injuries and damages. At times, rear-end crashes are so serious that severe injuries and fatalities occur. Our attorneys at Jensen Phelan Law Firm are experienced specialists and car accidents reconstructionists who can help you file an injury claim. You can contact us by filling out a contact form or by calling (928) 778-2660 to schedule your free consultation.