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Prescott Liquor Liability Attorney

Liquor liability is a complicated and often misunderstood area of the law in Arizona. Determining negligence in this area of the law is seldom straight forward.

However, as with any area of the law, liquor liability requires a keen legal understanding of the events and individuals involved. Having the right knowledge and insight into your situation can protect you from this frequently misunderstood legal area.

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Overview of Liquor Liability

  • What entails liquor liability is the responsibility of a tavern keeper for injuries caused by intoxicated patrons to other people.
  • Who is involved in a liquor liability case can be a tavern keeper and a patron that has been over-served. Other parties can include anyone who was harmed by an intoxicated patron.
  • Why tavern keepers are held accountable for the actions of their patrons is due to the court precedent Ontiveros v. Borak, 136 Ariz. 500, 667 P.2d 200 (1983), etc. Under this decision, the seller of alcohol “may be held liable when they sell liquor to an intoxicated person . . . under circumstances where the [seller] . . . know[s] or should know that such conduct creates an unreasonable risk of harm to others who may be injured either on or off premises.”
  • Where liquor liability occurs are any establishments that have a license for serving alcohol. They, therefore, have a legal responsibility not to over-serve their patrons.
  • How a tavern owner is found negligent in over-serving its intoxicated customers and contributing to any damage done as a result, if they should reasonably know if their conduct will create an unreasonable risk.

How can a Prescott Dram Shop Liability Lawyer Help to Find a Solution?

Today, tavern owners are held legally responsible if they over-serve their guests. However, this legal situation can quickly become convoluted. Who is responsible for determining if someone is over-served? Was the patron already intoxicated when they arrived at the establishment? These questions are just some of the legal criteria that can quickly shift responsibility from tavern owner to patron in the event of an incident. Proper legal counsel in this often perplexing area of the dram shop act law can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of any case. Our attorneys can help you seek justice for the injuries you suffered from a negligent tavern, bar, or restaurants that serve alcohol.

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