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3 Ways to Prove Lost Wages in a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona

Posted on August 19, 2021 in
In Arizona, personal injury lawsuits can take many different forms, but one of the most common issues they cause is lost wages.  Lost wages describe the amount of money a person has lost while recovering from an injury.  Loss of earning capacity involves future loss of earnings.  These claims are usually contested unless the...
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Traffic Violations Are a Common Cause of Arizona Car Crashes

Posted on August 10, 2021 in
Did you know that over 150 people are injured in Arizona car crashes each day?  Car accidents are one of the most common causes of accidental injury and one of the most common reasons lawyers are hired.  Likewise, traffic violations are likely the cause of car crashes.  Keep reading to determine which traffic violations...
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What are the Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona?

Posted on August 4, 2021 in
Operating a motorcycle is no easy feat. It takes years of experience and plenty of skill to operate a bike.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of an accident, regardless of their skill or experience.  According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 2,676 motorcycle crashes in Arizona last year. Of those...
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Life After a Car Crash: Could You Be Experiencing PTSD?

Posted on June 21, 2021 in
When people think of injuries from a car crash, they often think of physical injuries, such as broken bones, cuts, or bruises. While these physical injuries usually heal after a few months, other injuries can last a lifetime. It is not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Treatment...
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How Often Does Driver Fatigue Cause Truck Accidents?

Posted on June 14, 2021 in
One leading cause of truck accidents in Arizona is driver fatigue. Commercial trucks, the 18 wheel kind, can weight 100,000 lbs. when loaded --- over 20 times the weight of the average passenger vehicle. At the highway speeds, the damage such trucks can cause is devastating. Truck drivers work long, repetitive hours and prefer...
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