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4 Steps to Take Before Choosing a Brain Injury Lawyer

Posted on May 6, 2022 in

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have the potential to alter someone’s life completely. Someone who suffers a traumatic brain injury often endures drastic changes to their cognitive skills, physical abilities, motor skills and/or mental capacity. From one instant to the next, their whole lives change because of a traumatic accident caused by a negligent person. Many times people with a traumatic brain need to have lifelong care.

These kinds of head and brain injuries can completely alter someone’s life, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars over their remaining lives and leaving them to cope with a badly reduced quality of life never imagined for themselves. No amount of money makes up for this kind of loss, but at least by making a damages claim against the at-fault party, victims can obtain the financial recovery needed for long-term or permanent treatment.

4 Steps to Take When Choosing a Brain Injury Lawyer

The brain injury lawyer victims choose is vital to the outcome of their claim. They need a strong, dedicated, and determined attorney who will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome and get them the financial support they need. When looking for a brain injury lawyer, it’s important to consider the following 4 elements.

1. Identify the Type of Accident That Caused Your TBI

It’s essential to identify the type of accident (the “mechanism of injury”) that caused the traumatic brain injury, because the kind of accident claim points to the kind of lawyer you’re looking to consult. For instance, if your TBI resulted from a car accident, you are searching for an experienced car accident attorney with specific experience working with TBI cases. If your TBI occurred because of a slip-and-fall accident, then you need to seek a premises liability attorney familiar with that section of personal injury. It’s helpful to search by combining the type of lawyer and your location to find qualified brain injury lawyers in your area.

2. Understand Your Particular Kind of Brain Injury

Like there are different lawyers for the type of accident that caused your injury, some attorneys may specialize in particular TBI injuries. Understanding your TBI and the proof needed to succeed with a TBI claim can help you find the attorney most familiar with your circumstances. In every TBI case, you need a lawyer with TBI claims experience because TBI claims, called the “invisible” injury according to the insurance industry, are hard to prove, are most often strongly disputed by insurers and require specialized testing and evaluation by the right highly qualified medical professionals.

3. Research a Potential Brain Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Claim

Once you know the type of brain injury you have and the kind of attorney you need,  your search narrows down to attorneys qualified to litigate difficult cases and with the most experience handling your type of case. It can be helpful to build a list of potential attorneys and, from there, narrow it down more by doing research on their websites, their reviews, and past cases that were similar to yours. Jensen Phelan Law Firm has decades of experience in representing people and families claiming TBI damages, with lots of success. Ask us to show you our history of success with TBI cases including the DeSela case in which the Arizona Supreme Court expanded Arizona law to allow a minor child to claim her own TBI damages directly rather than by the pretext of having her parent make the claim for her.

4. Schedule a Consultation With Your Prospective Attorney

Once you have narrowed down your list, it’s time to start scheduling consultations with your prospective attorney. During a consultation, it’s beneficial to come in with questions that can help you determine if this attorney is the best fit for you. Some questions you can ask include:

  • Will you handle my case from start to finish?
  • What processes and steps may you go through when handling my case?
  • How long do you think it will take to reach a settlement or resolve my case?
  • How have you handled cases comparable to mine in the past?
  • Have you represented clients with TBIs before, and what was the outcome?
  • TBI cases cost a great deal for the medical testing and evaluation needed to prove the “invisible injury:” will your lawyer advance all the money needed to pay for this proof (Jensen Phelan Law Firm regularly does advance all the funds needed to prove TBI).

By coming in with questions, you can come out with important information that gives you a solid idea of whether or not this attorney is suitable to handle your case.

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