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6 Fall Safety Tips for Northern Arizona Drivers

Posted on November 15, 2022 in

Fall is a beautiful season, and for Northern Arizona drivers, it’s a time when they can hit the road and enjoy the scenic beauty of the state. It’s also a season that brings a new driving challenges. From wet leaves to early sunsets, fall driving can be risky if you’re not prepared. As a result, it’s essential to take some fall safety precautions to make sure you are safe on the road.

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6 Fall Safety Tips for New Arizona Drivers

Driving in Arizona can be challenging, especially for new drivers who are not used to the unique road conditions and weather patterns in the state. Here are some fall safety tips for new Arizona drivers:

  • Check your tires: As the weather cools down, the air pressure in your tires can decrease, which can affect your car’s handling and safety. Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure your tires have enough tread to provide adequate traction on wet or slippery roads.
  • Watch out for rain: Arizona is historically known for its dry weather, but the fall season brings occasional rainstorms that can make roads slick and dangerous. Slow down and increase your following distance when driving in the rain, and use your headlights to improve visibility for you and other cars near you. 
  • Look out for wildlife: Fall is the breeding season for many animals in Arizona, including javalina, deer and elk. Watch out for these animals on the roads, especially during dawn and dusk when they are most active. 
  • Be aware of the sun: The sun can be intense in Arizona, even during the fall months. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and use your visor to reduce glare. Also, be mindful of your speed when driving into the sun, as it can be difficult to see hazards on the road.
  • Maintain a safe following distance: The fall season can bring increased traffic on the roads due to seasonal events and activities. Make sure to maintain a safe following distance from the car in front of you to allow for sudden stops or changes in traffic.
  • Remember, it gets dark sooner: During fall, the length of daylight shortens. As it starts getting dark, drivers lose visibility, so it’s important to drive slower and increase the distance between yourself and the vehicles ahead of you. Keep a flashlight in the car in case problems occur.

By following these safety tips, new Arizona drivers can have a safe and enjoyable driving experience during the fall season.

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