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Granite Creek Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Granite Creek Wrongful Death LawsuitThe Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center in Prescott, Arizona, is under state and media scrutiny after the board that regulates nursing home administrators found that multiple staffers were forced to work despite having tested positive for COVID-19. This reckless behavior governed by Granite Creek administrators contributed to nearly 50 cases of COVID-19 and 15 deaths. Attorneys Sean Phelan and Christopher Jensen of Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. recently filed five lawsuits against Granite Creek—four of which were for wrongful death—with the goal of providing a sense of justice and helping to cover costs related to lost wages, medical expenses, funerals, and other forms of compensation.

A wrongful death lawsuit, in simple terms, is a legal means to pursue justice for a deceased family matter and obtain compensation for your family’s losses. Of course, dealing with all that goes into a wrongful death lawsuit can be difficult for those who must endure the death of a loved one. It’s crucial, in this case, to have an experienced and sympathetic wrongful death lawyer who understands the effect that this can have on a family.

While no amount of monetary compensation will ever replace your loved one, it may be able to help you stay financially afloat during a difficult time while bringing the responsible parties to justice. If your loved one died as a result of abusive or negligent behavior at an Arizona nursing home—whether at Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center or otherwise—it’s crucial that you get in contact with the experienced lawyers at Jensen Phelan as soon as possible.

Understanding What Led to Wrongful Death at Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center

In July 2020, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) conducted an inquiry into Granite Creek Health & Rehabilitation Center in Prescott, Arizona, concerning the spread of COVID-19 among residents and staff. The investigation found that Granite Creek went against CDC guidelines and doctors’ recommendations by instructing infected and potentially infected workers to provide care to residents, which was a direct failure in infection prevention and control protocols.

Knowing staff were sick, the nursing home neglected to hire more personnel and even tampered with employee screening logs. Ultimately, poor leadership, delayed tests, lack of infection protocols, sick workers, staff shortages, and falsified data contributed to the crisis. Within a month of the first employee case of COVID, over 50 residents were infected, and 15 died. ADHS fined the facility $500.

What Is Wrongful Death?

When a loved one dies due to another party’s negligent or intentional acts, surviving family members may be eligible to file what’s known as a “wrongful death lawsuit.” In order to win a wrongful death lawsuit, you must establish several key elements:

  • You must prove that the at-fault party owed your loved one a duty of care and breached that duty.
  • It must be clear and evident that the defendant’s actions directly caused your loved one’s death.
  • Your loved one’s death must have led to actual damages like loss of income, burial costs, hospital bills, and loss of companionship.

Wrongful death in an Arizona nursing home may transpire if a resident suffers from severe abuse or neglect at the hands of inadequate staff members. Families who have lost loved ones to abuse and neglect can file nursing home wrongful death lawsuits, which can award them with financial compensation to pay for medical and funeral expenses, encourage the nursing home to enact change so other residents stay safe, and hold the establishment financially responsible for the wrongful death.

Contact the Granite Creek Wrongful Death Lawsuit Attorneys Today

While no amount of money can supersede a family member, a successful wrongful death lawsuit can offer a sense of justice and help cover costs related to lost wages, medical expenses, funerals, and other forms of compensation. At Jensen Phelan, our knowledgeable lawyers will make this process easy for you. With our passion and experience, we can thoroughly investigate the accident, and we may be able to provide evidence to prove that the at-fault nursing home was responsible for your loved one’s death so that your family can be fully compensated.

With over 40 years of experience litigating these types of cases, the knowledgeable lawyers at Jensen Phelan approach each case on an individual basis and strive to build strong relationships with our clients through communication and trust to ensure that we fully understand your needs. Our firm is currently representing several families throughout Prescott with their cases. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Granite Creek wrongful death lawsuit attorneys by calling (928) 910-7268 or completing our online contact form today.