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Prescott Valley Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Senior citizens deserve the utmost care and respect. At nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospices, senior citizens have the right to receive quality care that addresses their physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs. Any care that falls short of these standards or enters the realm of abuse is against the law. If your loved one suffered nursing home or elder abuse or neglect in Prescott Valley, Arizona, our lawyers may be able to help your family obtain justice and compensation. Contact the Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. today to schedule a free initial legal consultation with a Prescott Valley nursing home abuse attorney.

What Makes Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys the Right Choice?

  • You can rest assured in the experience and capabilities of your attorney. We founded our full-service personal injury law firm over 40 years ago.
  • You can benefit from individualized care and attention. We speak to all of our clients one on one, keeping them informed about their cases at all times.
  • You will have the power to go to trial in Yavapai County. Some elder abuse cases cannot resolve via settlement negotiations. We can take cases to trial when necessary.
  • You will not pay for your lawyer unless he or she wins your case. We guarantee our attorney fee percentages will never exceed your net recovery.

What Does Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

One of the many tragedies of nursing home abuse is the low percentage of cases victims report. Thousands of nursing home and elder abuse victims never come forward with their experiences. It is often up to their friends and family members to notice the signs of different types of elder abuse.

  • Physical abuse or neglect. The physical abuse of a senior citizen can refer to any intentional harm against an elder, such as a staff member kicking or punching a nursing home resident. It can also describe the neglect of a resident’s care, such as malnourishment or infections.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is the victimization of a vulnerable or defenseless senior citizen during non-consensual sexual acts, such as sexual touching, kissing, advances, indecent exposure, molestation, sodomy, or rape.
  • Mental or emotional abuse. A nursing home resident could suffer humiliation, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt, withdrawal, isolation, or suicidal thoughts due to a nursing home staff member verbally, emotionally, or mentally abusing him or her.
  • Financial abuse. Thousands of seniors experience financial abuse or exploitation at the hands of nursing homes, staff members, caregivers, con artists, scammers, friends, and even family members. Financial abuse may or may not be used in conjunction with other types of elder abuse.

A victim of nursing home abuse could have unexplained physical injuries, infections, emotional damages, mental health declines, and financial losses. If you notice any possible signs of abuse, talk to your loved one about it. Then, report your suspicions to the police and the nursing home facility. Take your loved one to a safe place and file a nursing home abuse lawsuit with Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. for legal representation.

Contact a Prescott Valley Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

Working with an attorney during your nursing home or elder abuse claim can make the legal process easier and more rewarding. Our Arizona nursing home abuse attorneys will know how to protect your loved one, obtain evidence of abuse or neglect, bring a nursing home to justice, and fight for maximum financial compensation on your behalf. A nursing home in Prescott Valley may owe your family money for medical bills, pain and suffering, legal fees, and more for abusing or neglecting your loved one.

At Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C., our Prescott Valley elder abuse lawyers can take care of all the complicated legal matters involved in your case while you spend time healing with your family. We also accept wrongful death nursing home abuse claims in Northern and Central Arizona. Discuss your case with our lawyers at no cost today. Call (928) 778-2660 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. Our Prescott Valley nursing home abuse attorneys will fight for the justice that your loved one deserves!