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Prescott Valley’s First Lawyer

Posted on January 14, 2023 in

Suppose you’ve been on the search for a high-quality specialist personal injury lawyer in Prescott Valley, Arizona. In that case, you may want to look into the Jensen Phelan Law Firm’s history and services. In particular, Christopher “Chris” Jensen is known as Prescott Valley’s first lawyer. He started assisting Prescott Valley in 1979-1985 when the Town government was just starting and in desperate need of legal help. His legal services helped turn Prescott Valley into the fast-growing township it is today. From the beginning, Chris was standing up for the rights and best interests of the citizens of Prescott Valley in ways that no one else may have been able to do.

Jensen Phelan Law Firm is built on offering support and standing up for its clients, and if you need legal assistance for your personal injury case, you are in the right place. Just like Prescott Valley, ensure you’re able to get the representation you need and deserve.

Prescott Valley Needed Chris Jensen

In 1978, 80 percent of the voters of Prescott Valley voted for incorporation as a town. There were no private practice lawyers with offices in Prescott Valley then. Prescott Valley initially used a Phoenix law firm to get incorporated and deal with other specific legal matters. However, the Town soon realized by the third Town Council meeting in 1979 that it needed a local lawyer to handle its many “start up” legal issues and concerns so it hired Chris Jensen to fill the need. Chris served as Town Attorney from 1979 to 1985, when it became a full-time position.

Prescott Valley in 1979 was already in a variety of legal disputes regarding land use, zoning, land rental and road plans. Immediately, Jensen was thrown into the deep end and started acting to support and protect the Town as soon as he became Town Attorney. Most importantly, the State of Arizona was suing Prescott Valley Incorporated, the real estate developer of the Town from long before it was incorporated, for land fraud. Jensen was immediately needed to protect the Town’s interests, helping to obtain the settlement by which the Town received multiple parcels of land, the assignment of the 69 acre government lease for what is now known as Mountain Valley Park and many road building and maintenance vehicles. This settlement helped greatly is starting the new Town with no resources off of the right foot.

Making Meaningful Change in Prescott Valley

During Chris Jensen’s Town Attorney service with Prescott Valley, he took part in defending resident safety and stable growth as a Prosecutor and as the only lawyer working with Town officials and the Council to meet all the many duties, obligations and services that the public needed. For example, in 1983, Christopher Jensen spearheaded a suit against the Shamrock Water Company intending to allow the Town to grow in a way that would have been consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plans. That suit was settled on favorable terms. Mainly, the Comprehensive Plan prevents the Town from growing past its water supply capabilities.

Water Rights. Jensen spoke with the Daily Courier publication in 1983 and explained, “The Town of Prescott Valley is in a unique situation. It is the only part of Arizona located in an active management area under the Groundwater Management Act where the water table is going up, instead of down.” This means Prescott Valley was in a particularly precarious situation and needed strong legal representation and leadership.

Jensen helped to protect Prescott Valley residents’ rights to clean and plentiful water supplies, keeping families safe and aiding population growth with his legal input. The suit entailed pushing for increased water meters and infrastructure to be made available to residents, and the Town faced several land developer requests for greater water supply then as it does today.

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