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8 Tips for Avoiding a Personal Injury While on Vacation in Arizona

Posted on May 1, 2022 in

Accidents can occur anywhere, even when you’re trying to relax on vacation. When you are on vacation in Arizona, there are many reasons as to why a personal injury can occur and cut your vacation time short. The best way to evade personal injury is to be aware of what hazards you may face.

If you are unexpectedly injured on vacation due to someone else’s negligence, speak to a personal injury specialist at Jensen Phelan Law Firm for tenacious, experienced representation to help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses. We realize how necessary it is to keep an at-fault party accountable for their careless actions. We use our skills and comprehensive knowledge to obtain the best results on your behalf.

Common Hazards to Look Out for While on Vacation in Arizona

Going on a vacation to an unfamiliar destination creates an atmosphere of uncertainty when participating in certain activities and increases the chance of personal injury due to common hazards. The following are common hazards to look out for when on an Arizona vacation:

Distracted Driving on Arizona Roadways

When you are on vacation, it is easy to become distracted as you travel around an unfamiliar place, and it is easy to feel lost. Because of this, it is often difficult to stay vigilant on the road and opt to practice unsafe driving behaviors you may not ordinarily do. For example, vacationers are more likely to pay more attention to the GPS directions or look at the surrounding area more than the road they are traveling on. This can increase the risk of an accident and sustain a personal injury.

Unfamiliar Arizona Sidewalks and Pathways

When you are in your hometown, it is easy to familiarize yourself with commonly used pathways and sidewalks around town. Because of this, we are more likely to know what hazards we must watch out for in order to avoid personal injuries. When on vacation, it is more common to be less vigilant of our surroundings because of cellphone navigation or finding activities and businesses in the surrounding area. This increases the chances of a personal injury accident to occur, such as a slip-and-fall accident.

Drinking Alcohol and Driving on Vacation

Vacationers typically consume more alcohol on vacation than in their everyday life. It is essential to be conscious of the increased risk of drinking and driving accidents that occur when you opt to drive when your BAC is over the legal limit. The more alcohol you consume while on vacation, the more likely it is to get in an accident, especially in a new, unfamiliar area.

Driving While Fatigued or Operating on Less Sleep on Vacation

While on vacation, it is easy to operate on less sleep than you normally would. When we are getting less quality sleep or in less duration, we begin to function less effectively and are more prone to being involved in an accident.

8 Tips for Avoiding Personal Injury While on Vacation in Arizona

Before you embark on your vacation, it is important to prepare so that you can avoid common hazards that may lead to injury. The following are actionable tips for you to utilize to have a safe, injury-free vacation:

  1. Research: Research important aspects of your vacation spot, including things like dangerous wildlife, crime, and weather.
  2. Always use protective gear during activities: Always remember to use appropriate gear to stay safe during activities, such as bike riding, hiking, or rock climbing.
  3. Pack a first aid kit: Packing a first aid kit can be beneficial in times of emergency.
  4. Always use sunscreen: A common summertime hazard is sun poisoning or sun damage. Avoid first or second-degree burns by using sunscreen frequently.
  5. Inspect hotels: If you are staying in a hotel, it is important to inspect your room, premises, and other areas to make sure they are safe. Essential things to check may be lighting, carpets, stairs, handrails, and other locations on the premises that could be neglected and cause injury.
  6. Practice pool safety: According to the National Safety Council, 3,700 people drowned due to a swimming pool accident in 2016. Children are more prone to swimming pool-related fatalities and should be monitored at all times.
  7. Listen to flight attendants: If traveling by airplane, it is imperative to listen to flight attendants. In the event of turbulence, you may be injured if you are not following all the precautions set by the aircraft crew. Each year, around 58 people are injured due to not wearing a seatbelt during turbulence.
  8. Familiarize yourself with common routes: Before driving to a destination, it may help to look at a map of common road routes before beginning your journey. This way, you are prepared if hazards come up, such as road construction, traffic accidents to avoid, or inclement weather.

Injuries may be unavoidable even with the best preparation, but knowing how to handle accidents before they arise can help to reduce the severity of injuries or decrease the risk of experiencing car crashes, etc. If you are in a bad accident due to someone else’s negligence, speak to a specialist personal injury lawyer at Jensen Phelan Law Firm for a free assessment of your case and explanation of your rights.

Speak to an Experienced Arizona Personal Injury Specialist Lawyer at Jensen Phelan Law Firm

If you were terribly injured in an accident while on vacation in Arizona, you may be able to recover significant compensation for your losses due to negligence. Speak to an Arizona personal injury specialist lawyer at Jensen Phelan Law Firm for experienced, tenacious representation. We fight for your legal rights and just, fair compensation for the injuries you have endured.

The Jensen Phelan legal team has over 50 years of combined legal experience helping clients in Arizona obtain the justice they deserve for personal injuries. We thoroughly research and evaluate investigations regarding your claim from all legal perspectives to obtain the best outcome for you. You can schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form or calling (928) 778-2660 for a complimentary consultation.