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Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Pool Accidents?

Posted on July 27, 2016 in

Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Pool Accidents? | SedonaSlip and fall accidents are common at local swimming pools, hotels and water parks throughout Arizona. The individual or company liable for your injuries varies on the situation. The pool owner, a fellow patron or a manufacturing company could ultimately be responsible for the pool-related accident.

There are several ways to hold those responsible liable, and they may include one or more of these laws:

  • Premises Liability. Whether the pool is a public municipality or resort, they are responsible for maintaining and repairing the pool area. Private property pool owners must warn guests of any dangers that are not immediately obvious such as shallow areas not equipped for diving or hidden obstacles. A hotel or club could be sued if proper emergency safety equipment isn’t readily available.
  • Negligent Premises. A public pool or resort pool can also be charged with negligence if they knew of the problem and failed to warn users or fix the issue in a timely manner. A pool deck injury or faulty diving board could fall under negligent premises.
  • Defective Products. A product manufacturer could be responsible for your slip and fall accident if it was caused by a defective diving board, safety equipment or chemical maintenance.

Summer is a great time to bring the family together and go swimming at your local pool or on vacation at a hotel or resort, but remember to be cautious of pool conditions and other patrons to avoid slip and fall accidents.

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