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Prescott Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Distracted driving is hazardous. It causes many preventable and harmful accidents every year. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported the distracted driving behaviors that caused most casualties in 2020 are: talking on a device, using electronic devices, distractions from passengers, and other behaviors such as eating or drinking behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of these avoidable car crashes led to severe injuries and fatalities. 

When you have been injured in an accident due to another driver being careless behind the wheel, a Prescott car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for enduring the damages and injuries a negligent driver has caused you. At Jensen Phelan Law Firm, our car accident and personal injury law specialists are skilled in winning distracted driver cases in Arizona. 

What Is Distracted Driving in Arizona?

Anytime a driver takes their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel, it is considered distracted driving. Arizona Hands-Free law prohibits using any device such as a cellphone while holding or supporting the device while driving. This is one example of how the state supports the importance of safe driving and enforces penalties for increasing the risk of accidents due to distracted driving. Unfortunately, in the United States about eight people are killed each day in a car accident caused by a distracted driver. 

Although car accidents occur for different reasons, distracted driving is one that can be avoided and prevented. If you suffer injuries due to a distracted driver’s negligence, you have a right to compensation for all the harm and damages caused by the collision. 

Distracted driving negligence differs from reckless driving that involves intentional risk-taking misconduct, which is also illegal and causes many accidents in Arizona. 

How Does Distracted Driving Differ from Reckless Driving?

According to Arizona statute 28-693, reckless driving is defined as driving without regard for the safety of others or property. Reckless driving does not need to involve any damage done for an individual’s actions to result in a criminal offense. Like the reckless driver presumed to be threatening the safety of others, distracted drivers can also be charged and fined if caught by law enforcement even when they have not caused an accident. 

Below are the distracted driving penalties in Arizona:

  • First offense: fines between $75 and $149
  • Second and subsequent offenses: fines up to $250, plus surcharges. 

Many states like Arizona have created laws to deter and punish people driving while distracted who cause an accident. The restrictions and penalties include: 

  • Banning texting while driving 
  • Requiring passenger limits for young drivers 
  • Using high-visibility enforcement of the laws that prevent distracted driving and the accidents it may cause 

Arizona continues to work against distracted driving accidents. Anyone causing an accident by not paying attention behind the wheel is subject to the above penalties and potential damage claims lawsuits to compensate for the injuries and harm they have caused. 

Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents in Prescott 

Different car accidents occur; however, distracted drivers often cause collisions by multitasking and not paying attention to traffic while operating a motor vehicle. 

Here are common factors that contribute to distracted driving accidents: 

  • Multitasking: Reaching for an object, being distracted by a child or other passenger, trying to eat, text, or give attention to other things while driving. 
  • Inexperience: Teens and young drivers are often distracted behind the wheel because of cell phones, other passengers, and other distractions that cause unnecessary risks. Research has shown the fatal crash rate for teens is three times greater than for drivers age 20 and over.
  • Electronic Devices: Many drivers use devices such as GPS, cell phones, and radios while driving, creating an increased risk of getting distracted and causing an accident. 
  • Cognitive Distractions: Any distractions that affect the mind and deter a driver’s attention from the act of driving, such as daydreaming, emotions, and having conversations while driving. These things delay reaction times, making risks greater.

Injuries Sustained in Car Crash Caused by a Prescott Distracted Driver 

Car accidents are very frightening and life-changing experiences. The types of injuries sustained in an accident vary depending on the severity of the crash and other factors. If you suffer injuries from a vehicle collision caused by a distracted driver, our skilled personal injury specialists can help you build your case and fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve. 

Car accidents may cause injuries such as: 

  • Whiplash
  • Burns 
  • Soft-tissue injuries like bruising
  • Traumatic brain injury (causing headaches, memory loss, fatigue, etc.)
  • Muscle and connective tissue harm 
  • Fractures and dislocations 
  • Spinal cord and back injuries 
  • Many other injuries and ailments 

The injuries caused by car accidents are often life-changing. There are often short or long-term needs for an individual’s prompt diagnosis, treatment and recovery. You are faced with unexpected medical bills, needs for medical equipment, doctor’s visits, time off work, and other effects of being in an accident. Our legal team can help you make the right decisions for treatment and how to gather all the information you need to build your case and receive the fair amount of compensation owed to you. 

Hire a Skilled Prescott Attorney for Your Arizona Personal Injury Case 

After you’ve been in an accident, it is often very stressful because so much is happening while you are at a big disadvantage because of so much at once. While you are in pain you must fill out so many forms, deal with insurance red tape and difficulties, possible loss of time from work and reduced earnings, dealing with auto  damage expenses, etc. During this time frame, you are challenged to find the right physician for your injuries, schedule appointments, follow up with doctor’s visits, therapy appointments, navigate the legal and insurance claim process without making mistakes, and cope with all the other difficulties resulting from the crash. Our legal team at Jensen Phelan Law Firm helps our clients with skilled and resourceful legal representation in their Arizona auto accident case, and our policy is to assist with resolving your car damage claim for no legal fee so you can get that recovery ASAP. 

Here are some benefits of having an auto accident law specialist on your case: 

  • We are very skilled and experienced to provide specialized legal advice for the best available outcome in personal injury and auto accident cases. 
  • It most likely will maximize your recovery for an accident by using an auto accident law specialist to negotiate for you. 
  • We evaluate your case and determine the best approach to calculate the losses, injuries, and damage caused by the accident. We recover a much larger damages claim than normal by knowing all the damage claims permitted by law, finding the facts and being able to prove them, so you get more money in your pocket after our percentage fees than you can get without us.
  • We do all the work, allowing you time and peace to heal and recover your life.

Without a legal team to help you navigate the process of a treating your injuries, investigating the case facts, developing all the medical proof (such as the right testing) and collision facts evidence,  interacting with the adverse party’s insurance or legal team without mistakes, preparing and filing your claim, you are likely to encounter difficulties trying to prove negligence and retrieve all the compensation owed to you from the responsible parties (because their insurance adjusters, investigators and attorneys are good at their jobs). Finding a skilled and experienced attorney who understands the claim process and the law will help you understand your rights and justly gain back the compensation you deserve. 

Call Jensen Phelan for a Prescott Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer to Fight for Your Compensation

At Jensen Phelan Law Firm, our legal team and auto accident specialists are proud to help our Prescott and surrounding area clients after an accident. We have an excellent legal team with 40+ years of experience and a long-term 99% successful rate record. If you have been involved in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver, our trusted team can help you recover for your harms and losses. Give our law firm a call at (928) 778-2660 or fill out a contact form, and someone from our team will contact you to schedule your free consultation.