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Devin J.

On April 6, 2013, my life changed forever. My fiancé Steven and I were driving down the SR 69 by Dewey AZ on our way to his final football game. It was a sunny day in April, and our conversation was full of hope as our daughter Madalyn was due to be born next week. Suddenly, an oncoming driver flipped over the center line and came at us head-on. There was nothing we could do but to take the hit. This day quickly became the worst day of our lives.

Our beautiful daughter died in my womb shortly after the hit. She did not suffer.

We were flown to a hospital in Phoenix. I was not supposed to live past that day, but I did. I woke up from a coma eight days later. I was told the heartbreaking news about my baby girl, but so incredibly thankful Steven was alive. I woke up to over 15 broken bones including; my femur, pelvis, wrist, hand, toes, etc… I lost my spleen and my gall bladder; I had a collapsed lung and a huge tear in my diaphragm. I also had lacerated many organs. Surgeries upon surgeries were performed, and I ended up staying in the hospital for almost a month.

Steven had suffered from many broken bones as well. His knee cap had shattered in over twenty pieces. Although he had repeated surgeries, his knee is permanently injured. He had a severe femur fracture, chest trauma, lacerated organs, and more.

It was quickly after the bills started coming in. Although I had car insurance and health insurance, the bills were so huge it seemed impossible to get it covered. The driver at fault had coverage limits of only $15,000 per claim. A small amount compared to our hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Hope quickly started dwindling, and it seemed there would be no possible way to get out of this massive debt. It looked like we couldn’t catch a break from this nightmare.

It was time to find a lawyer. We chose Chris Jensen and his team to help us figure this out. We had heard great things about him and gave him a call. Chris Jensen came to my home when I was completely immobile to talk to me. He reassured me that he would help get us out of this mess. Little did I know that this team would become our saving grace from this horrible nightmare.

Chris and his team were there for us every single step of the way. He did everything in his power to fight for us. Between the competing claims, insurance disputes, and medical claims threatening to wipe out everything, Chris Jensen and his team fought long and hard for us. He tackled every single bill head-on, and he found ways to get additional insurance coverage’s, which added to our recovery. This team fought and found ways to get us many write-offs and discounts, and even figured out the best ways possible to tackle the bills. He competed on our behalf, and won time after time. Something Steven and I could have NEVER done on our own.

The biggest thing I want to thank this team for is not only being there for us as our lawyers, but as our friends. Chris Jensen truly and genuinely cared about my family and our situation. He is the kind of man who not only would fight the long and hard battles for us, but he also did everything in his power to get us ahead and get us money for our lives. Chris Jensen chose to not take any fee’s from us that had to do with the wrongful death of our child. This is huge for us. With the money he chose to not charge us for, we are able to get a new vehicle, put a down payment on a house, and prepare for the rainbow baby I am expecting in August. We went from believing we would be in debt for the rest of our lives, to having money to re-start our lives. Chris Jensen and his team are absolutely amazing people. A lawyer who can look at his clients and see the pain and suffering and hardship, and make a choice to help them above and beyond what he is obligated to do is a person I would suggest and recommend to every single person looking for a lawyer.

If you want a lawyer who is not just out to make money, and who will genuinely care about every single one of his clients and fight for them every single second then look no further. Chris Jensen and his team are the ones for you. I guarantee he will do everything in his power to help you. We would have never been where we are now without the help and love from the Jensen team. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Steven and I.

Devin J.