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Gilda Harris

Hello, this message is for Chris Jensen. My name is Gilda Harris. My maiden name is Gilda Reed. My parents are Ken and Gilda Reed. We currently live in Missouri, however, I grew up in Paulden, AZ and you were my parents Attorney in 1998-2003 for my fathers accident with Swanns Trucking Co. As I reminisce, the tears fall…

I don’t know if you remember the Reeds. I was 8 years old when you met me. I am 30 now and wanted to let you know the impact that you made on my life and say Thank You!

My whole life when my parents talk about “Chris Jensen” I would imagine you in a cape like a SUPER HERO. Still to this day I do. My favorite memory was in 1999 (i think) on Christmas you sent my sister and I a box full of Christmas Presents from “Santa” when my parents didn’t have any money. I remember everything about that day… even down to the the Mickey Mouse watch that was sent…this impacted me so much and changed my life.

Since then, as an adult, I have sent a family in need a box full of Christmas presents from “Santa” in honor of what you have done for my family. I just hope to have a small impact on someone’s life the way you did with my family.

We move to Missouri shortly after the case was closed and we were able to start living for once. Although my dad has continued to struggle with the basics of life, he is still with us and I owe a good portion of our life here in Missouri to you! We are able to create memories that have were stolen from us in 1998.

Chris, I just wanted to let you know that even though you may not remember me, I will always remember you…. in the cape… being the Hero in my life who saved my family.
Thank you!