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Steve Gambetta

My name is Steve Gambetta. On July 13, 2000, I was riding my motorcycle northbound on State Route 89, with my wife, Deborah, as a passenger. We stopped for a red light at the intersection of Willow Creek Road and State Route 89. As the sun was setting in the West, just as the light was changing from red to green, a violent rear-end collision occurred which immediately killed my wife and caused me to have a severed spinal cord at the T8/T9 level.

My spinal cord was completely severed, and I have lost the use of my legs, balance, sexual function, I lost my kidney, lost my spleen, my left lung was punctured, and I suffered broken ribs, a broken right wrist, and many other injuries. I am a paraplegic for the rest of my life.

My medical expenses totaled over $680,000, which was paid almost entirely by Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. I was told by many lawyers that, because the driver who killed my wife and struck me down had a low amount of auto insurance coverage, there was nothing that they could do in this situation. I hired a Phoenix lawyer who told me, after doing his investigation, that he really couldn’t help me. He said he could get me a maximum of $60,000, which would have done me the same good as getting nothing, because of my overwhelming medical expenses, etc.

I hired Jensen Law Firm, P.C. when my Phoenix lawyer indicated he didn’t want to continue to represent me because my case was too difficult. The Phoenix lawyer said he lacked the experience for this type of case.

Chris Jensen at Jensen Law Firm, P.C., with his hard-working team, initially took my case as a kindness to me, because I was in so much need of help with no one to turn to. At the time that I first hired Jensen Law Firm, I was sure that the $60,000 recovery that had already been offered by the other driver’s insurance carrier would be the most that I could ever get, and that my future was pretty hopeless.

Chris Jensen, after about four years of work, has found about $500,000 of additional insurance coverage that the other lawyers indicated did not exist. With my significantly increased recovery, Jensen Law Firm successfully negotiated “hardship” discounts of the various liens I owed for medical treatment, etc. with both AHCCCS and the Department of Veterans Affairs (because I had had some treatment as an Armed Forces Veteran through the Veterans Administration Medical Center). Finally, Jensen Law Firm, at no additional charge to me, has set up a Special Needs Trust which allows me to have the highest possible level of benefits, thereby maximizing every dollar that I have received in the past and that I will receive in the future. My settlement was enough to allow me to purchase a home with no house payments, which is vital to my ability to live independently as I choose to do.

As a result, I have ended up in a far better financial position than I ever hoped for as a paraplegic. I would highly recommend Jensen Law Firm for any major injury and/or wrongful death claim.

Steve Gambetta